For an organisation looking to adopt digital transformation there are some key things to understand. There are lots of cutting edge new technologies available that organisations can adopt to make their existing operations more efficient. The real opportunity of digital transformation is to reimagine current processes and establish if the latest technology may allow a new approach.

A typical workshop will try to do three things: firstly, offer a basic introduction of a key technology component of digital transformation. Having established a common understanding, specific use cases of the participants will be explored. Finally, a rudimentary roadmap will be outlined to give a practical example of the ease of adoption.

Work in this area ranges from a data centric approach to GDPR, to an e-mail audit to identify phishing vulnerability. We focus on clearly identifying the problem in a collaborative environment without a predetermined solution in mind.
Each assessment or audit has its own unique terms of reference based on the specific situation. In keeping with our approach of incremental deployment, the scope focuses on the critical factors to facilitate this.

When we finish the exercise, we will have a clear understanding of what the problem is and an indication of the range of solutions available.

Good programme management brings the focus required to ensure the vision and strategic goals of a project are achieved.

Whilst it is necessary to follow the standard disciplines of managing timescales, costs, resources, risks and issues, our experience of managing transformation programmes is that the biggest challenge is managing the change, and, the people impacted by the changes.

We adopt a collaborative approach, working closely with the stakeholders to understand their aspirations and concerns to make sure everyone is bought into the schedule and clear on the scope of what they are tasked to achieve.

Encouraging and getting the best out of people is key, we concentrate on skills and knowledge transfer during and at the end of any programme leaving a legacy for on-going success.

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