If you are like us, this is what you look for when you go to most websites, we thought we would make it easy for you.

What is important in the context of a supplier? What is different, what, if anything, do they offer that is compelling and all other things being equal why would I prefer to buy from them?

Agent Model

(What is different?)

Proof of Value

(What is Compelling?)

Agent Model

An Agent in our parlance is neither a reseller or author of the software. There are pro's and con's of both traditional approaches, as an Agent we try to get all the positives and mitigate the negatives.

Most organisations prefer to have a direct relationship with the Author, for Support and Escrow Security at the very least. WTF, acting as an Agent, never sign a contract for either preferring this to be direct with the makers of the product and the client. Thus, we maintain the benefit of the direct model and mitigate for the weakness in the reseller model.

A reseller can reach outside one suppliers product to achieve a solution. So can an Agent. At WTF we have, and continue to, research the market for products that can prove real value. The products identified on our Home page fall into this category. (See POV below) In addition we target organisation industry knowledge such that we can add value to the offering and provide a real solution.

What is different? An Agent is the best of both Worlds.

Proof of Value

It used to be Proof of Concept but POV better describes what we do. We mount regular targeted campaigns to industry sectors to promote a solution we think has merit. A part of our proactive model to achieve this we include a POV, typically lasting 4-6 weeks and controlled as a real project with specific objectives and quantifiable data as an output. Example project plans for POV's available on request.

Community Aspirations

It would be fair to say this is not the first disco for any of us at WTF. It did however provide an opportunity to do it again, avoiding previous mistakes and including aspirations not before achieved.

We want to be nice. Our aspirations should be questioned regularly, and are. When discussing Generosity, we decided that we want to make our aspirations real. We have therefore decided to make a charitable donation, every 3 months equal to 10% of our Gross Profit.

In addition, for deals over £500,000 the client in each case will be able to nominate the charity of their choice.

Any charitable organisation that discriminates in any way will not be considered.

Why WTF?, Nice people should stick together.

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